Thursday, October 29, 2009

Feed Your Body

Why bother and eat right?  It sure takes more time, preparation, thought, effort, and sometimes even money.  So much easier to grab a coffee and a doughnut in the morning, a burger or pizza at lunch.  Experts in nutrition and medicine will tell you what we all heard many times: eat more veggies and fruits, less processed foods.  But why? Well, it appears that processed foods are packed with chemicals and preservatives, which our bodies recognize as "foreign" and will attempt to eliminate.  In the process of cleaning up a normal response occurs which is an inflammation. Inflamed tissues and organs send confusing signals to your brain telling it to make fat deposits.  The more low fat, low sugar but chemically filled foods you'll eat, the more fat deposits you will grow.  Plus, some of these chemicals interlock with cell membrane receptors and block them for the originally intended important nutrients or electrolytes.  That is when your body cannot function as planned; you will be fat, tired, sleepy, and unhappy.  See yorself as that gorgeous Ferrari-you wouldn't put junk in it as fuel and then wonder why it is not running as promised, right?  Our bodies are greatest machines of all and as such need grat care and maintenance.  Have respect for yourself and do not eat junk. Fuel yourself- the stronger you are, the easier to fight off disease, especially cancer!  Steer away from white breads, cookies, cakes, white pasta, replace everything with colorful stuff!  Make it fun for your kids, a challenge, look at food ingredients together - does your bread have twenty five things in it when it really should list flour, water, yeast and salt?  Be an educated consumer, read the ingredients and think: "Am I really caring for my family serving this for dinner?"  Ultimately you are responsible for your children and their eating habits and believe me - they will follow a great example!