Monday, November 9, 2009

Emergency Preparedness

For the past few years I have been working as a visiting nurse.  One of the most important topics we educate our patients on is being prepared for emergency - a hurricane, a blizzard, a flood.  Many of our patients are diabetics, oxygen dependent, some have artificial feedings, ventilators.  We ask them if they have extra supplies of dry foods, bottled water, flashlights, batteries, blankets, etc.  Most of the time they do,  seldom do they know theyalso need battery operated radio - just to know what is going on if there is a power outage.  I am pretty good with extras - plenty of dry and canned foods, juices, candles, matches, blankets.  That takes care of big emergencies.  What about unexpected death in a family?  Horrific as it sounds, it does happen.  Years ago we purchased a double lot at Memorial Park after a very short conversation with a very skilled salesman.  He was polite, passionate, held Ph.D. in psychology and gave a concise, very visual and emotional speech during our I-have-only-half-an-hour-for-you meeting.  After he was done I had tears in my eyes and asked how do we pay.  Friends and family were joking, many did not want to talk about it, said it is too early.  Is it really?  Shouldn't we plan for that event as responsibly as we plan for other things?  Shouldn't it be every person's duty to have everything ready, so if it does happen, my loved ones do not have to worry about anything?  Don't we owe to our children not to burden them with final arrangements?  We plan,a family trip to the park to see where are we going to "rest".  To take the emotional load off, to show our sons that death is inevitable and one need to know where his "bones"will be put to rest.  My older son who is 14 knows I really would like a simple ceremony - he teases me I'll go in style - pink, lace, fake diamonds.  I have spoken to several of my friends about it, and none of them have any type of arrangements in mind, it almost sounds as if they could jinx themselves just thinking about it.  Well, one never know, and it is wise to be prepared - for the best and for the worst! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Educated Skin Care

I love taking care of my boys - thair clothes, shoes, food - everything has to be right, but most of all is the skin care products that I choose carefully.  I read the ingredients, I look up words I do not understand, and compare with organic products.  It is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family, and as important as food they eat. Skin is our largest organ, it has pores, toxins come out, good stuff should come in - to nourish, to moisturize, to protect, to revive.  Most of known cosmetic companies do not abide by what is good for the customer, they want to make as much profit as possible, even if it means using tallow.  If you have never done your research on skin care ingredients , I encourage you strongly, you will not believe what you can find in your face cream.  I have spent months researching different companies and their products and there is definitely a great market for health oriented people, just read the ingredients and educate yourself.  My personal favorite is Arbonne, their products are not organic, but made with great consideration and backed by years of research and trust. I love Lindsay's post ( her blog Passionate Homemaking is one of my most faorite!) about essential oils used as perfumes.  Knowing your moisturizer or foundation actually help your skin  is worth taking the time to do your homework. Read the ingredients and check everything.  And mineral oil is not good for you - it clogs up the pores of yours or your baby skin and the good stuff in the cream like vitamins cannot even get into deeper layers of skin.  Mineral means it is a byproduct of cleaning diesel fuel and it costs $1 per galon, whereas one galon of essential oil costs $300!!!  Know your skin and its needs and feed it from outside.  You will feel better and look better!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Learning How to Encourage

My husband works at night. Tough on his health, lifestyle, but equals seniority and night differential, which helps with the monthly budget.  I get a phone call from him twenty minutes after he left for work and find out his car is overheating, he will get a friend to get him to work, and take care of the car in the morning.  Right away I want to advise him it is a very bad idea, car could be towed away, means more money lost etc...  Since I have been working on my communication skills lately, I say nothing.  When he gets home and starts to troubleshoot, and I see that worried look in his eyes meaning : "I know it will be $600 to fix it and we did not plan it this month!",  I just knew I could not say any of my smart remarks.  Instead I smiled, hugged him, told him God is good, we have another car that we just share, and we will not think about his car for 48 hours.  Not to make any hasty decisions.  I think he liked it, and actually was able to relax, played with our son Jordan, ate a nice comforting dinner (curtesy of loving wife!), and went to sleep.  The power of encouragement is something I not always noticed and practiced with my own family, to my shame.  Words are powerful, they can make a man, or break him.  For a man to know his wife will be on his side in every situation is so valuable!  It builds his heart and soul, and makes him love you more!  Choose yor words carefuly when speaking to your spouse and children, you will be rewarded by a thriving strong family that cares for one another, and the example must come from you - after all you are the more fabulous, wise, mature, loving, caring superior being God called a WOMAN.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Feed Your Body

Why bother and eat right?  It sure takes more time, preparation, thought, effort, and sometimes even money.  So much easier to grab a coffee and a doughnut in the morning, a burger or pizza at lunch.  Experts in nutrition and medicine will tell you what we all heard many times: eat more veggies and fruits, less processed foods.  But why? Well, it appears that processed foods are packed with chemicals and preservatives, which our bodies recognize as "foreign" and will attempt to eliminate.  In the process of cleaning up a normal response occurs which is an inflammation. Inflamed tissues and organs send confusing signals to your brain telling it to make fat deposits.  The more low fat, low sugar but chemically filled foods you'll eat, the more fat deposits you will grow.  Plus, some of these chemicals interlock with cell membrane receptors and block them for the originally intended important nutrients or electrolytes.  That is when your body cannot function as planned; you will be fat, tired, sleepy, and unhappy.  See yorself as that gorgeous Ferrari-you wouldn't put junk in it as fuel and then wonder why it is not running as promised, right?  Our bodies are greatest machines of all and as such need grat care and maintenance.  Have respect for yourself and do not eat junk. Fuel yourself- the stronger you are, the easier to fight off disease, especially cancer!  Steer away from white breads, cookies, cakes, white pasta, replace everything with colorful stuff!  Make it fun for your kids, a challenge, look at food ingredients together - does your bread have twenty five things in it when it really should list flour, water, yeast and salt?  Be an educated consumer, read the ingredients and think: "Am I really caring for my family serving this for dinner?"  Ultimately you are responsible for your children and their eating habits and believe me - they will follow a great example!