Monday, November 2, 2009

Learning How to Encourage

My husband works at night. Tough on his health, lifestyle, but equals seniority and night differential, which helps with the monthly budget.  I get a phone call from him twenty minutes after he left for work and find out his car is overheating, he will get a friend to get him to work, and take care of the car in the morning.  Right away I want to advise him it is a very bad idea, car could be towed away, means more money lost etc...  Since I have been working on my communication skills lately, I say nothing.  When he gets home and starts to troubleshoot, and I see that worried look in his eyes meaning : "I know it will be $600 to fix it and we did not plan it this month!",  I just knew I could not say any of my smart remarks.  Instead I smiled, hugged him, told him God is good, we have another car that we just share, and we will not think about his car for 48 hours.  Not to make any hasty decisions.  I think he liked it, and actually was able to relax, played with our son Jordan, ate a nice comforting dinner (curtesy of loving wife!), and went to sleep.  The power of encouragement is something I not always noticed and practiced with my own family, to my shame.  Words are powerful, they can make a man, or break him.  For a man to know his wife will be on his side in every situation is so valuable!  It builds his heart and soul, and makes him love you more!  Choose yor words carefuly when speaking to your spouse and children, you will be rewarded by a thriving strong family that cares for one another, and the example must come from you - after all you are the more fabulous, wise, mature, loving, caring superior being God called a WOMAN.

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